Profitable Bitcoin Predictions: Intelletic’s Hierarchical Neural Network

to find truffles, employ pigs

When the pig catches a scent, pay attention — or someone else might beat you to the truffle.

AI is Tough Competition

Warnings Before the Wave

Actual price above, predicted alert periods below

Intelletic avoids continuous predictions, because chances are, there isn’t huge activity going on every moment.

Instead, their confidence intervals enable smart stop-based trading that overcomes ambiguity.

Truffle Hunting

Pigs as an AI Model

did you know you can invest in truffles? i didn’t until i wrote this.

Steps Toward AI “Hierarchy”


What Makes an AI “Trustworthy”?

Internal Consistency

Every time it sniffs out a scent, it gets better at discerning that specific scent in the future.

3D reconstruction of neurons in cortical columns: the architectural guide used for HTM networks

External Consistency

Making Your Own Decisions

Ultimately, Intelletic stresses that their predictions aren’t a bot to entrust all your decisions to, but a source of information and insight into the flowing currents of a volatile market.

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