Cortical AI Just Tripled Index Returns

reading patterns in financial waves

Mark Cleverley
16 min readDec 16, 2020

“Extinction of old forms is the almost inevitable consequence of the production of new forms […]”

- Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

There exists a deleterious belief about the financial world:

That financial markets are somehow too wild and random for machines to understand — they are simply too emotional, too susceptible to the whims of innumerable variables to decode.

Thus humans are indispensable for clever trading, and the careers of traditional speculators are as stable as their starched collars.

Nothing is Truly Random

Earlier this month, new temporally-aware Cortical Learning AI (CL-AI) yielded 24% non-compounded annual returns trading a portfolio of the S&P e-Mini, Gold & Copper futures over four years.

This Cortical Learning AI digests real-time, highly random data streaming in from publicly-available price charts, predicts when prices will rise or fall, makes an average of one trade per day.

By most opinions, this sort of bizarrely strong performance shouldn’t be possible. There are volumes already…



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