reading patterns in financial waves

source: UMass

“Extinction of old forms is the almost inevitable consequence of the production of new forms […]”

- Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

Nothing is Truly Random

geographic formatting & spatial dataframes

mapping roads of the world

all data has a location if you look hard enough


Context makes data truly useful.

nature is cruel; statistics is worse

source: altmodern / Getty

black holes and temporal dimensions

The Persistence of Memory, Dalí, 1931

supraspatial decisionmaking


relationships are complicated


unpacking Viviene Clay’s findings in reinforcement learning

  1. Observing nature can lead to clues on how to efficient perform a task

tessellation, resolution and you

John Nelson’s Hexperiment

bees figured this out ages ago


Mark Cleverley

data scientist, machine learning engineer. passionate about ecology, biotech and AI.

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